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(Nigeria News - real-life Yoruba Movie) Juju, Black-Magic, Traditional Beliefs - call it what you want but despite the claim of most Nigerians to be Christian or Muslim - the beliefs of our ancestors are still strong.

BattaBox filmed a rare Chief Ceremony on the outskirts of Lagos where the people perform a juju sacrifice on a variety of animals to ensure the Juju is properly jazzed!

No one would speak to the camera and parts of the ceremony was not allowed to be filmed, but below are the videos & descriptions...

The local community must prostrate before the spirits of the tree and then a large whit cloth tied around its branches (the significance of the cloth is made clear later).

(Nigeria News - real-life Yoruba Movie) Pigs, goats and other animals are then led to the Shrine in the tree, as well as the Chief and his wife, to respect the spirits.

Small offerings are made to the the Shrine - including Kola nut and Naira.

And then, the pigs and goats are slaughtered and the blood is carried up a ladder in a bucket to be cast onto the white cloth tied high in the tree, staining it red for everyone to see.

A calabash and more offerings are then made to the Shrine.

Traditional drums, dancers and masquerades appear at the end of the Nigerian ceremony and sacrifices marking the start of celebrations among the community.


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